• Jan 2015 BALA in conjunction with Barclays Bank of Botswana held a conference in Francistown on the 20-22nd January 2015.
    The theme of the conference was : Unlocking Investment Opportunities;Modernising Public Service Delivery. "Minister of Local Government and Rural Development, Slumber Tsogwane, has appealed to local authorities to put a premium on partnerships with the private sector, to raise funds and ensure their sustainability.He stated that "Apart from ensuring sustainability, partnerships can also help Local Authorities to ensure that they operate smoothly. Public Private Partnerships (PPP) have the potential to diversify Botswana's economy and create jobs for Batswana in the process alleviating poverty and consequently reducing dependence on the government." The President of BALA, Rev. Cllr. Mpho Mmachakga Moruakgomo said 98% of funding at the local authorities comes from government. This raises concern with regards to sustainability in terms of local government financing in Botswana. This would mean that we have to be innovative as local authorities in coming up with alternative sources of revenue for local authorities. Barclays Bank Botswana board chairman, Rizwan Desai, agreed that it was vital for local authorities to engage the private sector to generate funds. "I would submit that Barclays Bank of Botswana has no hesitation in leading the charge of the private sector to assist local authorities find the answers and solutions to make the lives of citizens easier and happier," he said. BALA elected new Board Members at the conference.